TPSkiclub LLC

Junior Chaperones conducting dinner check in.

Chaperones - Arrive by 2:00pm


Bus Leaders

Bus leaders are volunteers that are assigned a specific bus. They have been with club for multiple seasons. They are able to handle and respond to numerous situations. 


Parent Chaperones 

Click the Chaperone Sign Up Sheet and sign up to ride the bus or drive your own personal vehicle. Download the GroupME App and join the Tpskiclub group chat. Parents who ride the bus are expected to assist the bus leaders and be vigiliant and intuititve. Parent chaperones will receive a ski voucher for a lift pass only     (New for 2020). However, you are not required to ski. Drivers should have room in their car for one passenger and their gear. Drivers main job is to transport injured participants or pick up Baker from the hospital in case a participant has to be transported to the local hospital. 


Junior Chaperones

Junior chaperones are club participants who assume various roles from taking attendance on the bus to skiing with younger participants. Junior chaperones receive a transportation refund if they fullfil their obligations. Participants should contact Baker for more information. 

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