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Hot Chocolate or any item in a fountain drink cup are not allowed on the bus.

Club Expectations

Bus Expectations

  • Bus leaves TPMS at 2:30pm

  • Store all ski gear under the bus.

  • Be Respectful, Accountable, and Stewards.

  • Food is allowed on the bus.

  • Drinks are required to be in a bottle with a air tight cap.

  • Buses leave the mountain at 9pm.

  • Buses return to TPMS at 10:30pm.

Slope Expectations

  • Follow the Mountain Safety Guidelines .
  • Ski with a group or buddy.
  • Wear a helmet.
  • Use the GroupME App to notify chaperones if you need help.
  • Locate Ski Patrol or a Mountain Employee if you need assistance. 
  • Check in at dinner between 6:30pm-7:00pm.
  • Manage your time and be at the bus and in your seat by 9:00pm. 


  • Participants that are late to checkin or departure from the slopes will be supended for one trip.
  • Participants who are picked up late from TPMS will be suspended for one trip.
  • Participantes who are not Respectful, Accountable, or Stewards will be supspended for one trip.

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